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Tapping into our Founders Genius with Technology

As we go through this uncertain time of “The Pandemic” it’s a great time to look back at our lives and get perspective on where we are in modern times.

There is rumor of quarantine and times where Internet may shut down. Some may love it, while other may be abhorred by it.

We've been slowly programmed from the moment the television was invented. Let's go back to the Founders. There could be other times as well but the days of our countries Founders is the most well known “Genius” time in our life span of consciousness. The Founders accomplished great things. Why? Well there was no television for distraction. The only media they technically had were basically newsletters and pamphlets, from my study. The majority of their day was work and creative interests. Now, we have the introduction of television, radio, newspapers and any other media that the corporations have brought to us…and we bought into. The moment they were brought out, the time that we used to use for education, devotions, study…for creation, writing or for putting our thoughts down onto paper or other medium went to being entertained instead.

That was arguably the moment that society started going downhill to the point where we are losing true art. We are arguably less creative. We have been putting out less quality objects and art. Consciousness has gone down because the time we used to spend creating pamphlets, newsletters, writings, books has shrunk.

As I have stated in past videos, let’s take this time and view the silver lining, or the blessing.

Let’s take time to read. Go start writing your thoughts on paper and create newsletters, pamphlets, even a book or two. Start creating videos. Technology is not going to go away. Instead of consuming entertainment, let’s flip the script on the controllers and use it for education and even create your own videos and trainings. This not only helps you become better, but this also allows us to spread knowledge through humanity and the planet. This allows you and everyone to Win!

Create Knowledge, Freedom and Health

This is the Peaceful Revolution

Dr. Dean

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Dear Dr Dean

Mt name is Joseph Maier. I am originally from Romania, currently still living in UK and on the way to relocate back to Romania with family. I am a veterinary surgeon, currently working working in UK, both in OOH and also day time practices. I am really happy that I found you on YouTube and now your website as I can see that more and more more people are speaking loudly the truth and trying to inform the public that is still getting very slowly awakening.

Thank you very much for all your hard work and god bless you and your family.

We'll keep in touch.

Kind regards,

Joseph Maier

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